K, 28.10.2020

Vaata, mida teevad Eesti staarid kuumal suvel: kes veedab aega kodumaa looduses, kes välismaal

Liis Lemsalu.


Kuumad suvepäevad on taas Eestimaale jõudnud ning see on mitmed meie kodused staarid kodust välja ajanud ja tegutsema pannud. 

Vaata, mida teevad Eesti staarid kuumadel suvepäevadel.

Elina Nechayeva

Heti Tulve


Bali puppy ? #sunset #batubolong #bali #ytt #sunsetwalk #puppylove #puppy #balilife

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Katrin Lust



Album küpseb

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Liis Lass

Mirtel Pohla


Vesiroosihommikud #jäneda #piksepill #hommeesietendus

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Anett Kontaveit


The weather in ?? has just been crazy good ☀️? #Pärnu

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Saskia Alusalu

Lenna Kuurmaa

Hanna-Liina Võsa

Elina Born


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Kristel Aaslaid


Meresüstaga on nüüd samuti sõidetud. #powerade #ad #süstasista @powerade

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Tanel Padar

Marta Laan


My trip advisor ?? #greece #lindos #stpaulsbay #üldseeivingu #keegieivingu

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Liis Lemsalu

Grete Paia


Proper Saaremaa days.... ? #saaremaa #saaremaasuvi #home

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Merilin Taimre


Last 7 days have been emotionally draining for me ? I am going through a big change in my life and I also stepped into a next level of spirituality with the help of @mindvalley Silva Method. Which is why it is super important to take some time off & reflect on myself. So today I'm going for a 2 hour walk with my own thoughts followed by reading my spiritual journey book ?? Opening up to your past fears and mentalities that do not serve you anymore is hurtful, but a necessary step to grow. I really do hope this lunar eclipse into aquarius is not going to be too hard on me being a fire sign myself. I know solar eclipse on the 12th of July knocked me right off my feet without even knowing it was the time of the eclipse! Funny how I've started feeling all the energies come on strong. Now it's necessary to learn to handle them ? wearing @hm #hmeesti #airbaltic

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Keili Sükijainen


Serenity vibes ?

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Hanna Martinson


summah ?

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Helen Adamson


This is one of the coolest places I have been to in a long time! This amazing pyramid was our bed for 2 nights and I am sorry I couldn't stay there any longer. • Besides the fact that it looks cool and you can see the nature and stars while bring inside, it is suppose to have positive effects to your health. • Pyramids structure absobs earths magnetic energy and when it is built so that it is aligned with earths magnetic north it will be most beneficial for our health. And even protecting us from harmful electomagnetic waves. • Whether you believe this theory or not, I went there with a painful knee that had been hurting me for weeks, so that walking the stairs had become uncomfortable and came back pain free! It was pretty awsome ? #notsponsored #wowyager #visitestonia ?@taavitonnisson

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Erna Husko