MERRY RICH-MAS! Rikkurite võsukesed näitavad, kui luksuslikult möödusid nende pühad

Pilt on illustreeriv. Modellid poseerivad Rolls-Royce'iga.


Sotsiaalmeedia on täiuslik koht, kus uhkustada oma luksusliku elustiiliga. Nõnda võibki Instagramist leida rohkelt megarikaste võsukeste profiile, kes ka pühade ajal jagavad kadedust tekitavaid kaadreid.

Väljaanne The Sun vahendab, et need noored ei pelga oma rikkust näidata. Nende sotsiaalmeedia staaride kontodelt võib leida pilte luksusautodest, uhketest jõulupuudest, rohketest kinkidest ning loomulikult ka eksootilistest puhkustest.

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❄️The perfect weather to wear your robe ? and stay home! ?#Bahadiring #Sarcasm #Istanbul ?

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1st Christmas gift bought ?

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?Let The Season’s Greetings Begin ?#Bahadiring ?

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Grinchy ?

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Shopping is exhausting ??

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Pink Christmas lady ?????

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Choose to shine ?? We didn’t have the best weather in the Maldives. It rained half the time, had a huge thunderstorm, got caught in the rain, then our camera gear got caught in the rain ?? BUT!!! It didn’t stop us from having the most incredible time! :::::: So often we as creators get discouraged by the weather and it can ruin your trip. But let’s just put things into perspective a little. ☾ I’m in the Maldives (a dream destination) ☾ I’m with my love @jamesdcrowe_ ? ☾ I could be back home in the cold & snow ☾ I could let this ruin our time or I can make the most of it and create some incredible memories ? WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE? :::::: It was nearly pitch black and spitting rain when we shot this picture, you can see the dark cloud behind me but it didn’t stop us. The staff thought I was crazy running around tangled up in lights and laughing my head off but we had fun with it and still made it back inside just in time before the heavy rain started! ? :::::: Before & After in my stories! @nawaimaa_maldives #choosetoshine #choosepositivity #fairylights ?: @jamesdcrowe_

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