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Madli Vilsar: näidates välja oma päris emotsioone, on see sinu süü kui kaotajaks jääd

Madli Vilsar: näidates välja oma päris emotsioone, on see sinu süü kui kaotajaks jääd

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Modell ja vahest «Reporteris» ilma lugev Madli Vilsar mõtiskleb sotsmeedias postituses selle üle, kas tänapäeva noortel on praegu sama raske noor olla kui temal oma ajal.

«Mul on alati olnud raske kampa sobituda ja ma pole kunagi piisavalt «cool» olnud. Ma ei mõistnud poppide plikade õelust, ega ägedate poiste šarmi. Juba siis õpetas «kool», et näidates välja oma päris emotsioone, on see sinu süü kui kaotajaks jääd. Kes selle läbi teinud, teavad, mida ma mõtlen, teised vast mitte,» mõtiskleb Madli Instagramis. 


Don’t frkn love yourself, because who am I to encourage to do so. No-one can manage that every day,right!? Maybe you are actually really happy hating your own body, maybe you actually enjoy killing yourself with extreme diets, that every source of media pushes on you? Maybe this all really does make you happy.... *** ? No motivational speech and, god forbid, quote, can make you change your mind, when you have decided that best thing for you is hate. Hate, itself, is so powerful that it can make you blind.. ***? Every change has to come within, not from some instagram posts and statuses on social media. Most of people struggle with something daily basis, weight is just another thing that can bring a person down, but I am one of those idiots who do not believe that hate could ever make me happy and thats why i have shared my message. There is too much hate around and It is toxic. The saddest part is that hating others and yourself will eventually only harm you. It is frkn hard to like yourself in a world that constantly tells you not to. I know, i have hated my body for so long. I have hated so many things about myself. But what i have learned through that I am the only person who looses because of it. The only one misses out opportunities is myself. You can hate yourself with true passion, but in the end of the day, noone gives a shait about it. Probs most of the people dont even look at you at the beach and care, because they are too busy being happy and enjoying the day. But you have poisoned your mind and soul and that will reflect. Be kind to yourself as much as you want others to be kind to you. It is not motivational speech, or fancy book quote, its just my vision and feelings and I am learning not to be afraid to share them. It is not like I think I wanna push anything on someone but there is just so much negativity around us, that sometimes even most basic things can be overshadowed by darkness. So yet another simple reminder will not harm anyone. If you feel violated or annoyed by my writings, and want to say something nasty, then read this caption once again and then make your assumptions. There is only so much I can say...#typosarethereiknow

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«Ja nii ongi. Naljaks on see, et seda tunnet mäletame siiani. Kas hetkel on teismelistel sama raske? Nüüd vanemana tundub nagu oleks rohkem lubatud olla erinev, aga võib-olla siiski mitte? Ma tahan rohkem olla see inimene, keda ma oleksin võinud aastaid tagasi kohata. See, kes ütleks nooremale minale, et sa oled ilus ja väärtuslik, ja seda ilma mingi tagamõtteta. Kes jagaks mõtteid, mida ma oleksin võinud kuulda ja aru saada juba siis. Palju vähem oleks olnud seda veidrat kripeldavat valu,» ütles Madli lõpetuseks.