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Internetis lööb laineid koloriitne 70ndate strippar Tanqueray, kes jagab kirevat elulugu

Suurlinnadaam Tanqueray oli 70ndatel edukas eksootline tantsijanna.

FOTO: Kuvatõmmis Instagramist / @humansofny

Veidrikust suurlinnadaam Tanqueray on internetis tuntust kogunud tänu oma kirevatele lugudele elust stripparina 70ndate New Yorgis. 

Tanqueray jagas oma värvikirevat elu maailma ühes tuntuimas  NY inimesi portreteerivas blogis «Humans of New York».

Naise mälestused pakkusid nii humoorikat lugemismaterjali, et blogi jälgijad nõuavad naiselt nii elulooraamatu avaldamist kui ka Netflixi sarja. 


“The scene was different back then. All the adult clubs were mob controlled. It all flowed up to some guy named Matty The Horse. Honestly the mob guys never bothered me. They were cool, and I liked how they dressed. They wore custom made suits. And they went to hair stylists, not barbers. These guys wouldn’t even let you touch their hair when you were fucking them. Not that I ever fucked them. Because I never turned tricks. Well, except for one time. I took a job from this woman named Madame Blanche. She controlled all the high dollar prostitutes back then. She was like the Internet-- could get you anything you wanted. And all the powerful men came to her because she never talked. She set me up with a department store magnate who wanted a black girl dressed like a maid. I thought I could do it. But when I got to his hotel room, he wanted to spank me with a real belt. So that was it for me. I was done. But Madame Blanche set my best friend Vicki up with The President every time he came to New York. And don’t you dare write his name cause I can’t afford the lawyers. But he’d always spend an hour with her. He’d send a car to pick her up, bring her to his hotel room, put a Secret Service agent in front of the door, and get this: all he ever did was eat her pussy!”

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Tanqueray pajatused sellest, kuidas ta 70ndatel stripparitele kostüüme õmbles, jäid silma ka kuulsustele nagu Hilary Swank ja Jennifer Garner.

Tanqueray kirjeldab postituses oma elu: «Minu stripparinimi oli Tanqueray. 70ndatel olin ainus mustanahaline tüdruk, kes teenis sama palju raha kui valged tüdrukud. Ma tantsisin nii paljudes maffia klubides, et sain itaalia keele selgeks.»

Naine lisab: «Mu sõber Paris istus varem baariletil ja müüs varastatud riideid firmadelt Bergdorf & Lord ja Taylor... Nii et mul oli linna kõige parem riietekollektsioon...»


“My stripper name was Tanqueray. Back in the seventies I was the only black girl making white girl money. I danced in so many mob clubs that I learned Italian. Black girls weren’t even allowed in some of these places. Nothing but guidos with their pinky rings and the one long fingernail they used for cocaine. I even did a full twenty minutes in the place they filmed Saturday Night Fever. But I made my real money on the road. Three grand on some trips. Every time Fort Dix had their pay day, they’d bring me in as a feature and call me ‘Ms. Black Universe’ or some shit like that. I had this magic trick where I’d put baby bottle tops on my nipples and squirt real milk, then I’d pull a cherry out of my G-string and feed it to the guy in the front row. But I never used dildos on stage or any shit like that. Never fucked the booking agents. Never fucked the clients. In fact, one night after a show, I caught another dancer sneaking off to the Tate Hotel with our biggest tipper. Not allowed. So the next night we put a little itching powder in her G-string. Boy did she put on a show that night. Didn’t see her again until ‘The Longest Yard’ with Burt Reynolds. So I guess she finally fucked the right one.”

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«Madame Blanche kontrollis toona kõiki töötavaid tüdrukuid. Ta oli nagu internet ja temalt võis kõike saada, mida soovisid. Ja kõik maailma võimsaimad mehed käisid tema juures, sest ta ei paotanud kunagi suud,» jätkas naine teises postituses.

«Madame Blanche saatis alati mu parima sõbranna Vicki presidendi juurde, kui mees New Yorki külastas. Ja ärge jumala eest tema nime siia kirjutage, sest ma ei saa endale advokaate lubada!» 

Online-kataloog «Humans of New York» alustas New Yorgi inimeste jäädvustamist 2010. aasta suvel. Blogi eesmärk on jagada suurlinnas elavate vahetute karakterite pilte, tsitaate ja lühilugusid. Nii saab kogu maailm iga päev osa tavaliste inimeste lugudest ühes Ameerika suurlinnas.