SOTSMEEDIA UUS TREND ⟩ Staarid kostitavad seksikate piltidega isolatsioonist

Gina Stewart.

FOTO: Caters News Agency/Scanpix

Koroonaviiruse leviku tõttu on inimestel soovitatud koju jääda ning rahvarohketes paikades mitte käia. Instastaarid ja muidu kuulsad inimesed on sedapuhku leidnud viisi, kuidas ka koroona ajal fänne «lõa otsas hoida».

The Sun kirjutab, et isolatsioonis olemine ei peaks tähendama seda, et mõne staari Instagrami konto selletõttu kannatama peaks.

Nii ongi nutikamad staarid leidnud viisi, kuidas sotsiaalmeedias jätkuvalt laike, kommentaare ja fänne koguda. Selleks tuleb neil postitada vaid... paljastavaid pilte.

Selliseid pilte on juba postitanud näiteks tõsielustaar Megan Barton Hanson, modell Demi Rose, telepersoon Holly Hagan, supermodell Bella Hadid ja lauljatar Dua Lipa


Quarantine partner @kinsey ❤️ By @johnnycinematic

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Isolation....but make it fashion 💁🏽‍♀️ In all seriousness, to my friends, followers, and even those of you that love to stalk my profile even if you don’t know/like/follow me 🙃 Now is the time to unite globally and remain positive whilst looking out for ourselves and each other. I’m not going to talk too much about the Corona Virus online as I personally use IG as a platform to escape from some harsh realities of life, but I will instead direct you towards the W.H.O, NHS and some trusted doctors I follow like @thefoodmedic and @drzoewilliams for their professional advice 🙌🏼 Over the next few days I will be using this platform to share things that you can do if you’re spending more time at home, like workouts etc to help keep your mind and body at its best during this uncertain time. Stay safe, be kind, and please don’t be one of those naive people that says ‘it won’t affect me, I’m young, il be fine’ because you could endanger someone’s parent, grandparent or child in the process. Finally, for the love of God, wash your damn hands. ❤️

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