USA kulturismilegend naaseb pärast pikka pausi võistluslavale

USA kulturismilegend Iris Kyle võtab vastu auhinda Arnold Schwarzeneggereilt endalt. Foto on tehtud Kyle`i eelmise võistlusperioodi ajal, aastal 2009.

FOTO: Jay LaPrete/AP/Scanpix

Kulturismi vaieldamatu legend Iris Kyle andis teada, et naaseb peagi Las Vegases võistluslavale. 45-aastane Kyle loobus tippspordist 2014. aastal.

Nüüd on otsustanud kulturismitäht jätkata sealt, kus pooleli jäi. Nimelt plaanib Kyle osaleda Ms. Olympia võistlustel, mille ta 2014. aastal võitis. 


I am humbled and thrilled to see this new promo graphic. So grateful for Jake Wood @jake_wood_wos Dan Solomon @dansolomon_official and the entIre Olympia team. I have given my heart and soul to our sport, no regrets, love my journey, but this is truly a special day. Words really can’t describe my feeling. Looking forward to seeing all the fans in December, GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY and support this historic moment. Women’s bodybuilding is back where it belongs and we have the best fans in the sport. Bring all your energy and enthusiasm for the greatest bodybuilding show on the planet at its new home at the incredible Planet Hollywood Resort!!! Tickets and hotel room opportunities for the December 17-20 event are now available at as Trifecta Presents Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, brought to you by Wings of Strength!!! MsO 10x

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Kyle on maailma kehaehitajate tippvõistluse võitnud koguni kümnel korral. See saavutus on ainulaadne.

«Sporti tagasitulekuks on täpselt õige aeg. Olen kogenud Olympia võistlustel uskumatuid hetki, olen valmis uuesti võitma,» sõnas Kyle Fitnessvoltile.


Friends, Fans and the our Family, Do what you want but think for yourself. It has been reported that the USA had over 143,000 new coronavirus cases over the extended holiday weekend. Global cases are over 11,400,000 with global deaths greater than 500,000. As states have lifted stay at home orders, reopened businesses and relaxed some of the social distancing measures; the results are mixed from a health perspective. Nationally the curve has not flattened so if you live in Montana or Vermont enjoy it. For the rest of you, be informed on your state and county trends. Exercise your freedom of choice to live your life but be smart, healthy and safe. Take care of yourselves and support each other during these difficult times. Iris Kyle MsO10x

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